Who We Are

Forbes & Manhattan is a leading private merchant bank with a global focus on the resource, agriculture, technology and telecommunications sectors. 

F&M is not your typical merchant bank. We identify the best assets around the world and install world-class management who actively develop and operate projects to generate high-return investments. 

We buy, build, incubate and sell projects for significantly more than their purchase price. 

Exceptional Assets, Exceptional People

Any asset is only as strong as its management team, and F&M has a proven track record of identifying high-quality assets and actively advancing them from discovery to production.

Our team consists of hundreds of geologists, engineers, investment bankers, legal and finance experts, which means we can unlock an asset's true potential and create shareholder value.

World Leader in Asset Incubation

F&M has been successfully incubating, financing and managing junior resource companies for nearly two decades. We create shareholder value by combining world-class assets with top-notch management, access to capital and investor and marketing support.

Our goal is to unlock the value in resource assets over a 3 to 6-year time horizon, even in the emerging market plays with challenging jurisdictions.

F&M is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with offices, operations and assets across the globe.

Our Track Record

The F&M Footprint

Latest News from F&M Companies

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