Who We Are

Forbes & Manhattan is a Company that invests and manages public and private companies with a global focus on the resource, agriculture, technology and telecommunications sectors.

We identify the best assets around the world and install world-class management who actively develop and operate projects to generate high-return investments. We buy, build, incubate and sell projects for significantly more than their purchase price.

World Leader in Asset Incubation

F&M has been successfully incubating, financing and managing junior resource companies for nearly two decades. We create shareholder value by combining world-class assets with top-notch management, access to capital and investor and marketing support.

Our goal is to unlock the value in resource assets over a 3 to 6-year time horizon, even in the emerging market plays with challenging jurisdictions.

F&M is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with offices, operations and assets across the globe.


The F&M Footprint

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