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Unparalleled, exclusive insights into mining and resources: 
Field notes from F&M Founder Stan Bharti
The biggest stories in mining
Natural Resources Roundup
Key commodities prices & trends
Deals, mergers & acquisitions
Political, legal & regulatory alerts

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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Discount Gold

F&M offers you a special, 30-page guide to everything you need to know about finding, vetting and investing in discount gold opportunities from our team of experts.

This is the ultimate guide to leveraging high gold prices through discounts at a time when everything is moving in gold’s favour.

What’s Inside?
The perfect setup for gold
What is discount gold?
Is ‘peak gold’ real, and what does it mean for investors
How to invest in gold: stocks, bullion, ETFs
How to buy discount gold through junior miners
Case Studies in discount gold
Where to go from here

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F&M Education: Your Path to Sophisticated Investing


Our founder, Stan Bharti, has donated $10 million to what is now the Bharti Engineering School at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario. In continuation of our tradition of education, we are pleased to share the combined knowledge of our team of world-class geologists, engineers, finance, capital markets and jurisdictional experts to bring you an 11-chapter, 500-page guide to the mining industry.

The mining industry is a complex one for retail investors to navigate. It is our goal to help you understand metals and minerals, how to identify a good project, how to dissect mining company press releases, and how to successfully follow a project from exploration to development to production—and hopefully, to a high-return investment. The free, F&M Mining Industry educational series includes:
Chapter 1: Key Mined Commodities: Geology, Geography, Supply & Demand
Chapter 2: Navigating Market-Cap: Mining Companies by Size & Value
Chapter 3: Emerging Markets: Up-and-Coming Mining Venues
Chapter 4: Exploration: Where It All Begins
Chapter 5: Development: The Decisive Moment for Miners
Chapter 6: Production. Processing. Profit
Chapter 7: Money Matters: How Mining Companies Finance E&P
Chapter 8: Investing: Dissecting Risk-Reward Ratio
Chapter 9: The Global Economy: A Miner’s Perspective
Chapter 10: Socially Responsible Investing
Chapter 11: How To Identify A Good Project: Special Edition Featuring Stan Bharti

Every week, you’ll get the next chapter in our free educational series.

By the end, you’ll be on the road to navigating the mining industry like a professional.

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