F&M Group at a Glance

A Global Resource-Focused Merchant Bank

✓ Forbes & Manhattan (“F&M”) seeks opportunities in the global resource and technology sectors.

What We Do

✓ F&M invests in companies with various sectors that have high growth potential
✓ F&M adds capital, talent, strategy and market know how to permanently strengthen companies and increase their value


✓ F&M’s objective is to achieve superior performance for shareholders through active management, advances and developing of projects

Unique and Proven Model

✓ F&M’s provides companies with technical and financial depth
✓ Through F&M, these companies have access to a world-class global network of political leaders, industry experts, as well as technical and financial experts

First Class Team

✓ F&M’s first class team of specialists have a proven history of developing and often selling companies and projects
✓ F&M also has an unparalleled ability to raise capital for projects

Risk Mitigation Through Active Management

✓ Developing new businesses is inherently risky, however, F&M’s active management approach aims to mitigate risk through hands-on involvement, technical experts, skilled operators, and a well-connected international advisory board with deep running experience in emerging markets