Agriculture Group

Company Profiles

Aguia Resources Ltd.

Aguia Resources is focused on the exploration and development of phosphate and potash projects in Brazil. Brazil is an agriculture powerhouse, but is heavily reliant on imports of up to 50 per cent of its phosphate and 90 per cent of its potash needs. Aguia controls three large projects located close to existing infrastructure and domestic markets. The Company is committed to its existing projects whilst continuing to pursue other opportunities within the fertilizer sector.

( www.aguiaresources.com.au )

Brazil Potash Corp.

Brazil Potash is a private Brazilian potash exploration company with a base of operations located in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The Company holds the key mineral rights in the 400-kilometer long Amazon potash basin. Geological, seismic and borehole surveys indicate the basin has similar scale, geological properties and is the same age as the Saskatchewan basin in Canada.

( www.brazilpotash.com )

DT Plantations Ltd.

DT Plantations Limited (DTP) is developing a 40,000 hectare palm oil plantation in a joint venture with the Manobo tribe of Agusan del Sur, Philippines. DTP is a precedent setting venture in the Philippines, bringing together local indigenous people who wish to sustainably develop resources on their land with international sources of financing and experienced technical and operational agri-management.

EarthRenew Corp.

EarthRenew, a private clean tech company, has developed, patented and commercialized revolutionary technologies that apply the exhaust from an industrial turbine directly in heat processing while the turbine generates electricity. Sale of electricity offsets the fuel costs. Our energy-efficient processes utilize up to 85% of the energy in the fuel.

( www.earthrenew.com )

Fura Emeralds Inc.

Fura Emeralds Inc is a natural resource company which is engaged in the acquisition, exploration and evaluation of resource properties. The Company operates in Canada, Barbados and Colombia and currently has an emerald concession located in the Boyac√° District in Colombia.