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Company Profiles

AnalytixInsight Inc.

AnalytixInsight is the developer of proprietary technology that algorithmically analyzes big data and distills it into actionable insights. AnalytixInsight’s flagship product, CapitalCube, is a software-as-a-service (SAAS) platform providing high-quality financial research and analysis for investors, financial portholes and media.


ARHT Media Inc.

ARHT, Augmented Reality Holographic Technology, creates HumaGrams™, the most advanced and realistic human holograms. Humagrams are brought to life with the ARHT platform, a multi projection system whose content can be synchronized onto various planes of visualization to create a form of 3D without glasses. The ARHTengine acts as the brains behind Humagram, enabling it to track, manage and measure all exchanges with its viewer. Furthermore, this operating system provides the ability to customize the interaction between hologram and viewer such that the outcome of every viewing experience can be controlled. This holographic technology has the potential to impact every industry.


Imperus Technologies Corp.

Imperus, the 2013 GiGSE Most Innovative Startup, is a social gaming software solutions provider, powering the application of the social graph and the gamblification of the greatest games.


RAJ Gaming Corp.

RAJ Gaming operates casinos in the Dominican Republic and in emerging markets.